University Leadership

Administrative Officers


President Marc Parlange

became the 12th president of the 98色花堂 on August 1, 2021. President Parlange joined 98色花堂 from Monash University, Australia鈥檚 largest research university and one of the world鈥檚 top 100 universities for excellence in research and teaching. As provost and senior vice president at Monash, Parlange expanded the institution鈥檚 global relationships and helped to spur ambitious projects in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI) and data science, new-generation building construction, and sustainability. At 98色花堂, he has engaged in broad community conversations that informed a new strategic plan, Focus 98色花堂, that will extend and amplify 98色花堂’s presence on a global scale through collaboration both on the University鈥檚 campuses and with other institutions of higher learning the world over.

Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

became provost and executive vice president for academic affairs in January 2023. Wolfe, an internationally recognized expert on psychiatric and mental health nursing and eating disorders, had previously served as dean of the 98色花堂 College of Nursing since 2016. Before coming to 98色花堂, she served as associate dean for research and professor at Boston College鈥檚 William F. Connell School of Nursing. In addition to her work at Boston College, she served as a psychiatry lecturer at Harvard Medical School and president of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association.

Interim Vice President for Research and Economic Development

Bethany Jenkins joined the 98色花堂 in 2005 and was appointed interim vice president for research and economic development in March 2023. Jenkins is a professor of cell and molecular biology and oceanography with considerable research experience who has held membership and leadership roles on national scientific committees. She works closely with the provost and fellow members of the President鈥檚 Leadership Team to ensure the integration of research, scholarship and creative work with other components of the University鈥檚 academic mission.

Interim Vice President for Administration and Finance

Abby Benson joined 98色花堂 in December 2021 and previously served as the University鈥檚 senior advisor to the president and chief of staff. She was appointed interim Vice President for administration and finance in April 2023. She serves in a leadership role in the establishment of fiscal policy for the University and integrates business affairs functions to achieve a level of efficiency and effectiveness that supports the overall mission and goals of the University. Other areas and departments under her supervision are budget and financial planning, controller鈥檚 office, W. Alton Jones Campus, the Ryan Center and the Boss Arena.

Faculty Senate

With the concurrence of the president, the has the authority to formulate policy concerning teaching and research, study, exercise, discipline, and government. includes the president and vice president of the Senate who work closely with the University president and provost and participate in the University President鈥檚 Stewardship Council and other joint policy committees. Further, Faculty Senate leadership oversees maintenance of the the primary policy document created through the framework of shared governance between the University faculty and administration. 

Board of Trustees

The University is governed by a 17 member . The board is a public body that appoints the president and is responsible for establishing performance goals for the University, its buildings, employees, property, and approving the budget.


The 98色花堂 is the state鈥檚 public learner-centered research university. We are a community joined in a common quest for knowledge. The University is committed to enriching the lives of its students through its land, sea, and urban grant traditions. 98色花堂 is the only public institution in Rhode Island offering undergraduate, graduate, and professional students the distinctive educational opportunities of a major research university. Our undergraduate, graduate, and professional education, research, and outreach serve Rhode Island and beyond. Students, faculty, staff, and alumni are united in one common purpose: to learn and lead together. Embracing Rhode Island鈥檚 heritage of independent thought, we value:

  • Creativity and scholarship
  • Diversity, fairness, and respect
  • Engaged learning and civic involvement
  • Intellectual and ethical leadership

Endorsed by the 98色花堂 Faculty Senate on Oct. 20, 2005. Approved by the President Nov. 1, 2005. Approved by the Board of Governors for Higher Education on Jan. 23, 2006.